Naturally Lanolin

A true gift from nature, Lanolin is a 100% naturally derived moisturiser that penetrates deep to replenish, repair and protect skin. No wonder people have trusted Lanolin for generation after generation.

Lanolin has been used in skin care for at least two millennia. The term lanolin comes from the Latin lana for wool and oleum for oil.

Lanolin is a lipid designed by nature to protect living skin and is recognised by scientists for its composition and its biocompatibility with human skin. These similarities mean that using Lanolin is as good as using your own natural lipids.




Lanolin Facts

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is biocompatible with human skin

Stratum Corneum: outermost layer of the epidermis
Epidermis: outermost layer of the skin


Lanolin... it makes S.E.N.S.E

S ensitive - clinically proven to be exceptionally gentle on even the most sensitive skin
E thical - no negative impact or harm to animals
N atural   - 100% naturally derived
S ustainable - a natural and sustainable resource
E fficacious - lanolin is biocompatible with the human skin. It is therefore able to imitate many of the functions normally carried out by human skin lipids.



Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.