Sam Frost’s ‘Pamper Thursday’ Beauty Secrets

It is no secret that Australia’s sweetheart Sam Frost is beautiful on the inside and out. But did you know she has dedicated Thursdays to a ‘Pamper Thursday’? The Carousel spoke to the down-to-earth Bachelorette, Alpha Keri Ambassador and 2Day FM Radio host alongside Rove about all things beauty and picked up a few handy tips along the way.


Congratulations on being included in Who’s Most Beautiful People alongside Rebecca Gibney, Megan Gale and Delta Goodrem. How did it feel to be acknowledged along side those wonderful women?

It was quite surreal actually. These are women that I admire so much and have looked up to for years and years. To be put in the same category as them is an honour. It was an absolute blessing.


Sam really does glow. Image: @fro01

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, it sounds cliché, but beauty is feeling so happy and comfortable in your own skin. Women put so much pressure on themselves and we are our own worst critics. Someone who has a beautiful soul will shine from the inside all the way out and that that is what is beautiful.


 Is it difficult to be confident in your own beauty whilst in the public eye?

I have become more confident. I have always been so sure of who I am. On the weekends and whenever I’m at home, I hate wearing makeup and I can definitely be a bit of a dag. I never want to change that despite the fact there are more eyes looking at me.

I actually feel more confident; I’m like “No I’m not going to start wearing makeup” when usually I wouldn’t. I just kick about doing the same as I would usually.

Speaking of no makeup, your selfie on Instagram was amazing. What was the motivation for posting that picture?

It is so easy to scroll through Instagram and only see the very best picture of each person.

I have a lot of 12-15 year old girl followers. They are so young and impressionable. At that age you don’t know exactly where you fit in and you don’t know yourself completely. If they are constantly seeing these photo shopped images and face tuned images, they might end up wanting to change things about themselves or expect to look the same.

Really those people don’t look like that when they first wake up in the morning and it takes a long time to get a photo like that. My motivation was for all the young girls and women out there to realize if you have pimples and bags under their eyes, that everyone does and they shouldn’t give themselves a hard time about it.


She is just as beautiful without makeup. Image: @fro01

How can Australian women help each other to feel more beautiful?

I am not sure if we are getting better or worse but I think there is an issue with women putting each other down. Tall poppy syndrome is massive in Australia. I think that women are very quick to shoot each other down and be judgmental and that is what kills people’s self worth and they feel insecure. Aim to have friends in your lives and surround yourself with women who are genuinely supportive and have a good heart.

I don’t have any people in my life that would say something horrible behind my back. I think that is very important for women to feel confident and feel beautiful when they have great people around them.
We are our own worst critics so to have supportive people that build you up and bring you up and make you feel amazing. That is so important.


When she is dolled up she does look damn fine though! Image: @fro01

What beauty products can you not live without?

Skin: I love the Alpha Keri skincare range: I love the Body Butter and the Heat-activating Firming and Slimming Serum. It is amazing.

Hair: Olaplex for hair, I am obsessed with it. It is a bit expensive but worth it.

Makeup: I use a lot of NARS makeup. I think that they are good products.

Cleanser: I use a Dr. Spiller cleanser, it is expensive but it lasts forever and is worth it. I am a bit of a tight ass but it absolutely is justified.

Nails: I always have good nails thanks to the lovely Shellac.

Sam Frost Beauty Tips

When I do my own fake tan, I use a J Bronze tanner. I lather up the mousse really well but also put moisturizer on my elbows, palm of my hands, knees, fingers and ankles and it really helps to keep it even.


 Skincare Ritual

I spend a lot of time looking after my skin. I can get really bad acne if I don’t look after my skin or eat poorly. As recently as last year, when I was filming the show (The Bachelorette), I had breakouts everywhere.

Now, I always take the time to look after my skin. I always take off my makeup before I go to bed, no matter how late it is. I use face wipes first and then do a full cleanse and tone.

My Thursday has become “Pamper Thursdays”. I give my body a full scrub, do my nails, eyebrows etc. which stands me in good stead for the weekend. I use my Alpha Keri creams every night. If I skip it I feel weird.


Image: @fro01

Makeup for work

It is very basic because I am quite time poor. I have a light base of foundation. I use Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation. It feels thin when you wear it and does not suffocate the skin. I then put on a bit of NARS Orgasm Blush and some mascara and am out the door.

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