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  • "It’s better than all the expensive brand name creams . So I’ve just tried the new Aloe Alpha .. and I love it .. omg I’ll be sticking with this one now .. soo nourishing"

    – Pixi, on Aloe Soothe Lotion

  • "This Super Hydrating Gentle Wash is my all time favorite product. So gentle on the skin, soothing and nourishing. Not to mention, it makes the best bubble bath in town. And even better, the kids will love it! Ten out of ten."

    – Natasha, on Super Hydrating Gentle Wash

  • "Wow the Super Hydrating Shower & Bath Oil is soooo good! My skin is no longer dry and itchy and feels hydrated. I also have patches of psoriasis on my elbows and legs and this product has helped relieve the dryness and redness in these areas."

    – Jessica, on Super Hydrating Shower & Bath Oil