Healthy skincare tips for the entire family

Family skincare routines have evolved since soap on a rope, but it can be difficult to find skincare that pleases everyone. We’ve collated some skincare tips suitable for the whole family that are also easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

ALWAYS have sunscreen on hand

Even on a cloudy day, UVA and UVB rays are still out and doing damage to the skin. Keep sunscreen hand, so you’re always equipped to apply to little faces if need be.

Choose skincare products for sensitive skin types

Keep a gentle product on the bathroom countertop, as sensitive skin formulations will nourish the whole family without aggravating different skin types. Look out for pH balanced, dermatologically tested body wash and moisturisers, such as the Alpha Keri Super Hydrating range.

Use nutrient-rich products to calm dry and irritated skin

When one member of the family experiences dry or irritated skin, it’s important to ensure that your skincare products cover all the bases. Super ingredients, such as aloe vera, hydrate the skin, easing dry, sensitive and irritated skin. For a rich dose of organic aloe vera, try the Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe range.

Check the ingredients in shampoos and conditioners

Some haircare products are formulated with harsher ingredients, or are oil-based, so that they can aggravate some family member’s skin or cause breakouts[1]. Always read the label, and if you have a family member with a particular skin concern- opt for a sensitive, naturally based formulation.

Get plenty of water

Staying hydrated assists to maintain the skin’s plumpness, elasticity, and resiliency[2]. Ensure the whole family tops up their water levels throughout the day, not only for overall health and wellbeing, but to keep their skin smiling.

A good night’s sleep

Sleep has a powerful effect on restoring skin cells for smooth and glowing skin. For more information, check out our other post here.

It can be difficult to get family members in a routine of healthy skincare habits, let alone finding products that all can agree on. But treating skincare like any other care routine (cleaning teeth, brushing hair) will ensure the whole family is looking after their skin. Our last tip? Lead by example and nurture your skin every day.



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