How To Pamper Yourself, Sam Frost-Style!

Bachelorette, 2DAY FM Breakfast Host and Alpha Keri ambassador, Sam Frost knows what a busy day is like, up at 4am and red carpet events at night. But her secret to tackling it all head on? Pampering. And not just her body, but her mind and soul too!

Sam Frost | Alpha Keri Australia

We caught up with Sam at the official launch of Alpha Keri’s Slim Fit range at the Ivy in Sydney recently. She shared with us her top tips for pampering your mind, body and soul:

“Every day life can throw a lot your way, and often there’s too much stress. The most beneficial thing you can do is look after your body, your mind and your soul. We can get so caught up in life that we forget to do this, however I’ve found pampering myself to be the best way to stay looking, feeling and thinking my best, no matter what comes my way.”

Sam Frost | Alpha Keri

Pampering for me doesn’t have to mean just beauty or body either. While that’s an important part, it’s also about taking the time to rejuvenate and stimulate your mind and soul. And in today’s busy world, taking this time for yourself is such a luxury!

#1 Be creative

I think it’s really great to stimulate your mind, and treat yourself by taking the time out to do something creative, because you want to. What’s important to remember is you don’t have to be amazing at it! I like to stimulate my mind with some creative writing or painting.

#2 Have a relaxing bath

Having a bath is so good for you, especially for those who have stressful jobs, to mentally unwind. You can really take your time in there too, come out feeling renewed. My favourite routine is to light some candles, soak, scrub, shave, cleanse. I do a hair mask, and let it soak in. Then I’ll always finish by pampering my skin – I love the Alpha Keri Heat-activating Firming and Slimming Serum (you can feel it working!) followed with a nice thick body butter.

#3 Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated makes such a difference on your skin. This is pampering you can do every day! When I haven’t had enough water, my face gets dehydrated and I look tired. Take that break, a few minutes of solitude and fill your cup.

#4 Make time for the people in your life

I always say to make time to be with those around you. It can be so easy in a relationship and with a busy job to just see that one person, however make the time to catch up with your friends and family. I think it’s so good to pamper the soul, to laugh with incredible people. Even make sure you spend time with interesting people, it inspires you to be the best you can.

#5 Keep active

I definitely understand that exercise can be the last thing you want to do when you get home tired from work. It’s always good to be active – it’s handy if you’ve got a little dog like me! – even for a 20 minute walk with a friend or by yourself. It’s so good to get the blood flowing and the oxygen to the brain.

#6 Read books

I like to pamper my mind by reading books that teach me something. For example I’m reading a book on neurology at the moment, and the effects of nutrition and exercise on the brain. It’s not too scientific, and it’s so good to always try and challenge yourself.

BY: VANESSA ROBERTS, Breakfast With Audrey