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Invisible Lift Technology

October 17, 2016 2 min read

Achieve a fuller, firmer bust and actively fight the symptoms of breast sag with Alpha Keri’s new lipid filler technology that’s proven to plump and lift the breast.


Source: Who Magazine, October 2016

Its true that our breasts lose fullness as we age, but help is at hand. The skincare experts at Alpha Keri have created an innovative, clinically proven product that lifts, firms and smooths breasts and the bustline to give an invisible bra lift effect.



Using a combination of science and nature, the Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Lift filler microsphere technology works to plump breast tissue from the inside to help restore the skin’s youthful density. Skin looks firmer, more toned and glows, with some women reporting a push-up effect of over 5mm*.

Body Slimfit Bust Lift and Firm Cream

100% of women observed an increase in breast firmness and elasticity.

3 Expert Tips From Who


Don’t undestimate the simple task of massaging a hydrating body cream every single day. Hydrated skin looks instantly tighter than dry skin. Apply it when your skin is still damp after a shower paying particular attention to the butt, thighs, stomach and breast areas.


By checking your breasts regularly you’ll become familiar with how your breasts look and feel, so you’ll be more aware if there are any changes. Try and do it at least once a month and if you find anything unusual or that concerns you, see a health care professional.


The constant pull of gravity and the bounce which occurs when you exercise can stretch the breast tissue and cause sagging. The best prevention is wearing a sports bra which helps support and hold the breasts in place so they don’t move.

Lipid-filler Microsphere Technology
5mm average bust lift and fill


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