Self-Care Tips - 7 Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself

Self care is no longer reserved for Sundays! Making time for yourself is important to both your physical and emotional wellbeing, but can be a challenge to fit into your daily routine. When life gets busy and work and social commitments take over, “me-time” is often the first thing we let go.

Something as simple as devoting 10 to 15 minutes of your day to yourself can have amazing flow-on benefits including increased concentration and productivity, a greater sense of calmness, reduced stress and believe it or not, clearer skin.*

Prolonged stress has the ability to make your skin act up, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. The hormones that your body releases when you feel stressed can lead to physiological changes that can negatively impact your skin. Secondly, feeling stressed can lead to temporary bad habits such as biting your lips, over-touching your face and skipping your daily skincare routine.

Below, we’ve listed our favourite self care tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to relieve s tress or just enjoy a little moment to yourself. 

1. Take a bubble bath

Relax and unwind with a warm, soothing bubble bath at home. Better yet, nourish your skin at the same time with our Aloe Soothe Wash. The sulphate, soap, and paraben free formula lathers beautifully leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed with the power of organic aloe vera.

2. Go for a walk in the sun

Extra points if it's by the ocean, with its calming Walking, like any exercise, produces endorphins which can reduce stress and improve your mood**. Whether you throw on your favourite podcast or just take in the sounds around you, walking is a wonderful way to clear your mind and let all the obligations of the outside world go.

3. 10 minutes of yoga or meditation

Almost like pressing the reset button, take 10 minutes to stretch or sit in stillness and let the worries of the day slip away. The internet provides a plethora of resources for at-home yoga and meditation to suit any mood or time constraints you have. As well as mental clarity and relaxation, yoga has been found to improve posture, mobility and improve sleep***. It’s a win, win.

4. Take time for skincare

Skincare can be stressful, with so many claims, buzz words and fancy terms out there. It’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t be using. That’s why we created a simple, fuss-free skincare routine that has been trusted by Australian women for over 50 years. Pampering your skin is a simple way to show yourself a little TLC every day.

Our Aloe Soothe Cream is the perfect s kin care indulgence - the luxuriously rich and velvety formula is quickly absorbed, containing super ingredient aloe vera to soothe, replenish, strengthen and protect your skin in one easy application.

5. Have a social media cleanse

Take a moment, or even a day, to disconnect from social media. Declutter your mind and detox from all the distractions presented online - you’ll be surprised how refreshed and energised you feel. Plus you can use that extra free time to tick a few more things off this list!

6. Journal

Putting pen to paper can have a wonderful calming effect, filing all those thoughts away by writing them down. Journaling in the morning can bring clarity to your priorities and set intentions for your day, while journaling in the afternoon can let you unwind and gives you a space to store all your thoughts from the day just

7. Declutter

You might have heard the saying, a messy room equals a messy mind. Our space can impact our mood. If our surroundings stress us out, we can feel the effects. Clutter can annoy us, distract us or take away much-needed energy, contributing to increased stress Whether it’s finally conquering the shed, the pantry or doing a spring clean of your wardrobe, if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed a great place to start is the space around you.

Self-care is so important. When you’re happy and feeling good, you’ll be kinder to yourself and those around you. When you’re calm and centred you have the ability to think more clearly and make better decisions. We hope these 7 tips inspire you to incorporate a little more self-care into your daily routine!



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