Aloe Vera

You can apply aloe vera different ways, with Alpha Keri’s new Aloe Soothe range with organic aloe vera. It contains three nurturing products to provide benefits by not only cleansing and hydrating, but also calming and restoring ultra-dry to dry or sensitive skin.

1. The Aloe Soothe Wash

A layering approach ensures the optimal application and use of all of the certified organic aloe vera benefits for skin. Start by bathing or showering with the Aloe Soothe Wash, able to calm dry, irritated and sensitive skin while effectively cleansing and hydrating. Available in a handy pump pack, this is the perfect way to enjoy your shower using a gentle cleanser suitable for both body and face.


2. The Aloe Soothe Lotion

This is a beautiful, lightweight lotion which is quickly absorbed into dry and irritated skin. Ideal for application directly after your bath or shower, the Aloe Soothe Lotion does exactly what the name suggests, soothing the skin while using ingredients infused with vitamins, amino acids and minerals perfectly balanced to hydrate dry skin. Perfect for moisturising your skin post bath or shower, this aloe vera lotion for skin can be reapplied as often as required or as directed by your dermatologist or medical professional.


3. The Aloe Soothe Cream

While the Aloe Sooth Cream is a heavier formulation, it is still absorbed quickly and like the Aloe Soothe Lotion it can also be applied as often as needed. This body cream is a rich and creamier product providing a deeper level of moisture to hydrate, immediately soothe and repair extra dry, flaky and irritated skin.


Available in both creams and gels, you can find aloe vera products for face, aloe vera for hair and aloe vera for skin, making this one of nature’s most comprehensive natural beauty and medicinal products.

How does aloe vera benefit my skin?

Described as the ‘plant of immortality’ aloe vera has been a popular plant used as a topical application to the skin for thousands of years. While it may be best known for treating skin injuries and burns in particular, aloe vera has many benefits for skin. It contains powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals and while its ability to soothe the skin is welcomed by everyone, the aloe vera benefits to damaged skin are particularly apparent. Rich not only in those antioxidants which fight free radicals – a major cause of premature ageing – aloe vera also contains many important vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These properties are particularly helpful to skin types prone to inflammation, redness, itchiness and irritation caused by mild dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Aloe vera actively supports the skin’s healing process by stimulating skin cell renewal, improving hydration and reducing the appearance of scarring.

What am I not putting on my skin when I apply aloe vera?

Alpha Keri’s new Aloe Soothe range may be packed full of restorative plant-based nutrients to nourish and replenish skin health, but it is what’s NOT included in the Aloe Soothe range which helps to make it such a beneficial skin care range. Containing organic aloe, the unique Aloe Soothe formula is sulphate and soap free, paraben, pH balanced and organic aloe vera.

Why choose the Aloe Soothe range?

When you elect to cleanse and moisturise your skin with these luxurious new aloe vera products from Alpha Keri, you care choosing not only to cleanse and moisturise effectively, but to add an element of calming, soothing, nurturing care to your skin care regimen.