What is Cellulite?

Cellulite can sneak up on us, gradually appearing as the dimpled, orange-peel-looking skin on our buttocks, thighs, stomachs, upper arms and most commonly, on the backs of our legs. So how does it get there?

Well, let’s consider the structure of our skin. Our hardworking, protective skin is made up of layers starting with the innermost hypodermis, followed by the dermis and finally the outermost epidermis. The hypodermis, also known as the subcutaneous layer, is the deepest layer and contains our fat cells (adipose tissue) and connective tissues. The middle layer, the dermis, also has connective tissues such as collagen and elastin, along with sweat glands and hair follicles. The epidermis is the protective top layer, like the gift wrapping on a birthday present.

We all have fat cells in our hypodermis, but when they are enlarged by increasing fats and toxins in our system, pressure is placed on the connective tissues. These connective tissues are then compromised and their structure weakened by the imposing fat cells. This allows the fat cells – which are not all the same shape or size – to push up through the skin’s layers and create the irregular, dimpled effect seen as cellulite on the epidermis. Poor circulation and lymphatic drainage also contribute to the formation of cellulite, as does a lack of collagen due to age or genetics. Anti-cellulite

Can you reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Absolutely, but how? Start by removing foods high in saturated fats, salts and sugars from your diet, increasing your cardiovascular exercise and upping your water intake. Making these healthy changes will help to shrink fat cells, improve lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and remove toxins from your system. Less fats, toxins and excess fluid in your body means less fatty deposits in the cellulite-prone areas, thereby reducing the orange-peel effect on your skin.

Rebuilding and strengthening the skin’s connective tissues by stimulating collagen and elastin production is important too. This can be achieved through the use of cellulite creams such as our Body Slimfit Cellulite Reductor + Slimming Serum. This powerful serum addresses the causes of cellulite utilising innovative technology to speed up localised fat burning processes and block the metabolism of glucose into fat deposits. Unique ingredients stimulate circulation and provide nutrients to improve the resilience of the connective tissues. They also have a detoxifying effect, eliminating wastes and removing excess fluid.

Can exercising help reduce cellulite?

It certainly can. Exercise is the best way to improve circulation, develop more fat-burning muscle and stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluids, toxins and fats. The combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight-bearing exercise will help to reduce cellulite. The other positive effect of exercise on cellulite is that muscle is an efficient fat-burning source, so the more muscle density you have the better you burn calories, with less fat going to your fat stores. Exercise also helps strengthen all of the connective tissues in your body and is a great mood booster too, meaning you are less likely to reach for unhealthy foods as a source of comfort. Try it!

What are the best products to help reduce cellulite?

The best products for reducing cellulite are those with the technology to penetrate beneath the epidermis to the deeper layers where cellulite starts and facilitate fat burning. In much the same way as muscle rubs like Deep Heat work, a good cellulite cream is absorbed deep down where the causes of cellulite occur.

Our Body Slimfit Cellulite Reductor + Slimming Serum uses innovative Lipid Suction Fat-Burner Technology to reduce cellulite. It speeds up the body’s fat burning processes and blocks the metabolism of glucose into fat. This unique cellulite treatment cream contains Soy Isoflavones, L-Carnitine and Spirulina Platensis extract which stimulate collagen production in the connective tissues and help to remove toxins from fat cells. The cream also contains extracts of Algae, which is packed with iodine, a mineral that helps to further detoxify, reduce fluids from redepositing and provide crucial hydration.

A number of other specialised fat burning actives can be found in our cellulite cream, and it is this combination of key actives targeting all aspects of cellulite treatment which makes it so successful. Caffeine Pro-complex, Fisetin and Raspberry Ketone work to effectively speed up localised fat metabolism and promote fluid drainage. Simply applying this cream to problem areas twice daily is all you need to see a visible reduction in cellulite within four to six weeks of use. It’s that easy!

Can you get rid of cellulite naturally?

Cellulite can be stubborn and hard to get rid of, but yes you can do it naturally. In fact, the best way to get rid of cellulite and keep it from returning is by natural methods. Improving your diet, water intake and level of exercise are great ways to start. As cellulite is formed by enlarged fat cells pushing through weakened connective tissues in your skin, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to eliminate cellulite. Increased hydration levels keep your skin cells robust and plump while less saturated fats in your diet means less toxins and fat for your body to store in cellulite-prone areas. Weight-bearing exercise which is an effective fat-burner, increases muscle volume, and intense cardiovascular exercise stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Exercise is a natural way to boost the distribution of nutrients throughout the body, including the connective tissues. It is the damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin structures which allows enlarged fat cells to bulge through and appear as cellulite. A cellulite treatment cream such as the Body Slimfit Cellulite Reductor + Slimming Serum is another natural and non-invasive way to aid the reduction of cellulite. Massaging a small amount of cream twice a day into the problem areas is all that is needed to speed up localised fat burning processes and provide valuable stimulation to increase collagen production. Formation of cellulite

What natural ingredients can help treat cellulite?

The Body Slimfit Cellulite Reductor + Slimming Serum contains many powerful botanic ingredients to help treat cellulite. Caffeine Pro-complex, Fisetin and Raspberry Ketone are natural, plant-derived sources able to increase the body’s metabolic processing of localised fat stores. Soy Isoflavones, L-Carnitine and Spirulina Platensis Extract are also natural ingredients which stimulate the connective tissues and help to remove toxins from fat cells. Centella Asiatica Extract, commonly known as Gotu Kola, increases collagen synthesis while Algae Extract is a super-rich source of essential amino acids, proteins and vitamins, providing the skin with hydration, detoxification and protection from free radicals. The combined effects of these natural, plant-based ingredients effectively treat cellulite and leave you with smooth, nourished, dimple-free skin.

What are the best ways to get rid of cellulite on your legs and thighs?

It’s a fact, cellulite loves legs. While your legs are covered during winter it is easy to ignore a slight weight gain and to allow the skin to dry out and become tough and impenetrable. So what can you do to avoid freaking out when the weather warms up and you try on your first pair of summer shorts? You can walk away from cellulite by increasing your exercise. You can also target the problem areas with effective products such as the Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub. Active ingredients will revitalise your skin, exfoliating and hydrating to fight cellulite, increase collagen and elastin production and prevent moisture loss. Natural ingredients such as Coffee Seed Extract, Orange Wax, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil along with Vitamin E and other active ingredients stimulate, smooth and firm to visibly improve the skin’s appearance. While the Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub is sloughing away dead skin cells to improve skin quality and stimulate new skin cell growth, it is also paving the way for your cellulite treatment cream to do its job. Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface and inhibit the penetration and absorption of skin creams. Regular exfoliation prevents the build-up of dead skin cells and allows your cellulite removal creams to penetrate deeply and work effectively.

What are the best natural products to help reduce cellulite?

Collagen is crucial for firm, tight skin, so natural products which stimulate collagen production and reduce fat are going to help diminish cellulite. Natural products help reduce cellulite using ingredients such as Coffee Seed Extract and Orange Wax. Coffee Seed Extract is an alkaloid which helps to reduce fat, increase blood flow and tighten the skin. Orange Wax is an antioxidant with phytosterol esters and works as an emollient and moisturiser. It provides hydration and regulates moisture levels, fights free radicals, strengthens connective tissues and firms the skin. Other natural products such as Caffeine Pro-complex, Fisetin and Raspberry Ketone speed up fat metabolism in cells, so cellulite is visibly reduced. Massage and dry brushing with a natural, vegetable bristle brush are also ways to naturally improve blood flow and allow important nutrients to be distributed to cellulite-prone areas. The stimulation will also help to remove excess fluid and decrease lymphatic congestion for healthier skin tissues, leaving you with smooth, supple and lump-free skin.