Lanolin-Hydro Technology

Lanolin has been used in skincare for at least two millennia and is considered one of nature’s wonder skin care ingredients.

Purified high-grade Lanolin is a powerful 100% naturally derived moisturiser from sheep’s wool that is able to imitate many of the functions of human skin lipids as it is biocompatible with the human skin.

Lanolin penetrates deeper into the epidermis than normal moisturisers through to the Stratum Garnulosum to replenish, repair and protect your skin making it an excellent hydrator very effective in treating dry skin conditions.

The Lanolin-Hydro Technology provides 3-way actions to transform moisture sapped tight and dry parched skin.

  1. Uber-moisturising super-hydrator lanolin carries 200% of its weight in water to infuse the skin with moisture.
  2. Restore the skin lipids by assisting their function to hold moisture within the skin.
  3. Protect with a barrier on the skins surface locking moisture in and irritants out.
Normal vs Dry Skin

Dry skin continues to be the top skin complaint all women experience. Deep hydration and moisturisation is critical to improve the quality of the skin and reduce dryness. Lanolin is safe and ideal for even the most sensitive or skin condition prone skin. Many trusted leading baby cream, body lotions and cosmetics use Lanolin as an active ingredient to Hydrate, Restore and Protect.

Medical Grade Lanolin